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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Exploring Richmond (9 July 2014)

This wasn't really a challenging ride but I went out on the mountain bike to explore Richmond. Marilyn had walked a lot of this when I did my ride through Hawes. Since I had the morning to fill in, I decided to go and see what she had told me about. I went out the back gate from the Natural Retreats lodge site down some very rough bridal paths. I headed down to the river bank and walked along the path beside the river. I was clearly told that this wasn't a bridal path by a man walking his dog but there were no signs saying not to cycle. It was an enjoyable walk across open fields. The second part of the river path to station bridge was obviously less used and was less cared for. The castle dominated the view of Richmond from the river.
I rode up the hill from the river and then rode around the castle going down to riverside drive and back up to the castle gate. You can't avoid the hills around Richmond but it was still a pleasant ride. Richmond is a small market town with a number of interesting shops and places to explore. The castle seems almost nonexistent from the town with only the keep being visible. The castle is quite large and well worth investigating.

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